Events Calendar

Ascender events are held during the fall and spring semesters.

Spring 2019

 Spring 2019 Ascender Events
Date & Time
Event Description

HYS Wednesday Jan. 23, 9:00 am room 1313

SAC Tuesday Jan 22,  3:00 pm room 1315

RVS Monday Jan. 28 8:30 am room 2266

HLC Tuesday Jan 22, 12:00pm room 2216

RRC Wednesday Jan. 23, 4:30 pm room 1314

*Students only.
Announcements and photos

Coordinator or Engagement Specialist will visit classrooms at the beginning of their English classes, and give announcements and reminders. Also they will take questions from students and take photos of students.
RVS Campus, February 1st 8:30 am – 11:30 am Volunteer activity Ascender Club

Students will distribute food for the Food Bank of Central Texas. This activity will take place at the Riverside Campus. Please dress appropriately for the weather.
Friday, February 8th
EVC Room 8500
12:00 pm

*Student activity, mandatory for  ALL COHORTS (Register and receive an ASCENDER baseball T-shirt)

*Mentors are welcome to attend.

Motivational Conference: Movie Screening “Stolen Education”
A film by UTSA professor Enrique Aleman and Rudy Luna

Start the Spring semester with positive energy. Watch the documentary Stolen Education a film that depicts the untold story of Mexican-American school children who challenged discrimination in Texas schools in the 1950’s and changed the face of education in the Southwest. After the movie students will have Q&A with the Professor and film maker Dr. Enrique Alemán, and will learn about this powerful documentary, and they will also understand the current educational system and learn about the negative effects of not receiving education.

Get insight that will inspire you and challenge you to transform your views about college and life.

Register to win t-shirt!

UTSA/Texas Lutheran Friday March 1st
Prairie View A&M/ Texas A&M Friday April 26

* For Mentors, this event is suggested.
College Tours

Students will tour a college campus, will get information about the admission process, and learn about transfer opportunities. Expect email with details from Coordinator.

Learn more about tours and register >

Tentative Dates :

January 25th
February 15th
March 1st
March 15th
March 21st
April 12th
April 26th (Election Day/Last Meeting)

*Students only

Club Events

Ascenders will have their biweekly meeting where they discuss their volunteer and fun events. They will get guidance and support from their Club Advisor Ariel Flores.

On Election date, candidates will read their speeches, and students will cast their vote for their new Club officers, President, Vice president, Treasurer, Secretary and Historian. Expect email from Club Advisor Ariel Flores about how to present your candidacy and speech.


1. RRC, Friday, March 8, 3:00 pm  - 5:00 pm, ACCelerator

2. HLC, Friday, March 8, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm,

3. HYS, Friday, March 8, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm,
Room 1208

*For students only
Scholarship Events

Students will learn about scholarship opportunities. They will also learn on how to apply to several local and national scholarships. They will receive guidance from Engagement Coordinator and FA department.
Mock Interview Sessions
March 29th, Noon-2:00

RRC room 1124
HLC room 2201
SAC room 1203
HYS room 1319

*Mandatory activity for students and mentors.

Mock interview and Career Day

Practice your interview skills with a mock interview. Gain useful and important information that will help you apply and get hired in jobs and in transferring to 4 year colleges. Dress in business attire and prepare your resume for this session and participate in the raffle of a gift certificate.

Register here >

Tuesday, May 7st

Eastview Campus, Bldg. 8000, Multipurpose Room  (Rm 8500)
6:00 - 8:00pm

* Mandatory activity for students and mentors

Family members are invited.

Celebrate the culmination of your first year at ACC!

All of the participants of the Ascender family will celebrate the culmination of the students first year of college. Emmy winner and TV personality from the Hispanic channel Univision, Leslie Montoya will address parents and students with a motivational speech. 

Professors and staff will be recognized during the ceremony, and students will receive the Ascender Graduation stole, during a festive environment.