Tuition Vouchers

A tuition voucher is the college’s longstanding program that covers tuition and fees for Continuing Education or credit classes. Full-time employees receive three vouchers per year once they reach 180 days of service. Adjunct faculty who taught both Fall and Spring semesters of the previous fiscal year and have at least 3 years of service, according to longevity, are eligible to receive three (3) and Part-time employees (75% & 50%) are eligible to receive two (2) vouchers.

Before using your voucher for a CE class, you need to contact and register with someone in the CE department or call 512-223-7542.

Voucher Eligible Courses

Beginning September 1, 2016 employees will be able to use their tuition vouchers for all ACC Academic and Continuing Education (CE) courses, regardless of cost, except these third party courses:  Airplane Flight, Truck Driving and some Non-Profit Management courses.  In the past employees were only able to use tuition vouchers for courses up to $1000.00. We are now able to expand the offerings to include some courses over the $1000.00 limit.  Continuing Education will soon be providing a listing of the available courses to employees.

  • You may use a voucher to pay for an entire Continuing Education series.
  • Continuing Education may designate some income generating courses as ineligible for tuition voucher.
  • You can use a voucher to pay for the tuition portion of Study Abroad Programs if tuition is less than $1,000.

Voucher Guidelines

  1. Tuition vouchers are only for Staffing Table employees, Full-Time Faculty and Adjunct Faculty.
  2. To access the Employee Tuition Voucher system online please visit the following website. 
  3. Full-time staffing table employees are eligible for three (3) vouchers after 6 months of employment. Part-time staffing table employees are eligible for two (2) vouchers after 6 months of employment.
  4. Adjunct faculty who taught both Fall and Spring semesters of the previous fiscal year and has at least 3 years of service, according to longevity is eligible to receive three (3) Employee Exemption Vouchers.
  5. New employees must be employed 180 days before they are eligible to receive vouchers.
  6. Vouchers may not be used by anyone other than the employee.
  7. Vouchers must be used within the fiscal year for Continuing Education courses and within the academic year for College Credit courses.
  8. Vouchers must be submitted according to the Registration Dates and Deadlines or you will be dropped from the course.
  9. If a course is cancelled, you must contact Student Accounting at 223-1091 to reinstate the voucher.
  10. If you drop a course before the first day of the semester/session you must contact Student Accounting at 223-1091 to reinstate the voucher.
  11. Courses must be attended outside normal working hours, unless approved by the Supervisor. When approved by the Supervisor, the employee must be required to make up the hours missed or charge paid time against approved leave. In the event a course is required by the Supervisor or is directly job-related, the hours missed do not have to be made up or charged against leave.

Successful Completion Guidelines for College Credit and Continuing Education Courses

If the college has incurred the complete cost when the employee-student registers for the course and the employee-student cannot complete the course and achieve “C” or better, “Pass”, or “Incomplete”, then the employee is responsible to reimburse the college 100% with the following exceptions.

  • Severe illness/debilitating condition of employee-student
  • Death of close family member
  • Care of sick, injured, or needy family member
  • Active military duty
  • Change in work schedule beyond the employee-student's control
  • Incorrect course placement based on assessment error
  • Challenging circumstances, including language barriers and disabilities
  • Other circumstances not covered by legislated exceptions
  • Other "good cause," as determined by the college

For additional information please visit Board Policy DEB (Formerly Administrative Rule 6.09.004) Employee Tuition Exemption Vouchers Guidelines & Procedures.

General Information

  • For Help, click on the “HELP” button (top left of page after you login to the system).
  • You must register for a course prior to submitting a voucher.
  • You must comply with the student guidelines. Voucher guidelines are located here.
  • Voucher payment deadlines are found here.


  • Go to the voucher webpage.
  • Login using your ACCeID and Password. If you forgot your password, please contact the Tech Services at 512-223-8324.

College Credit Courses Payment Dates:

Visit the College Credit registration calendar for deadlines.

Continuing Education Courses Payment Dates:

Vouchers must be submitted within 24 hours of registering for the course or you will be dropped.


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